radio amina 2Nanotech is amazing, but I have another Little in mind: Children’s Film, especially realism in all it’s time based media forms, films with, as Dutch childrens’ documentary maker Jan Willem Bult says, “Children at the Center”.  I’m glad you’re here!  I’ve been hoping to find, cultivate, and learn from a community of children’s media activists, makers and specialists, documentary enthusiasts, teachers and families who all want to see representation of Real kids, Real stories, Real cinematographic excellence on children’s screens. Really!  I hope you’ll share your own thoughts, inspirations, troublesome topics, work, hopes, and strategies with me.

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Get Real  reflects my ongoing focus on Children’s Documentaries: Why they matter, Who’s making them, under What circumstances.  Read my 2018 MA Thesis for The New School here:  GET REAL December 2017  This document is open source, under a creative commons fair use with attribution license.  Podcast appearances, and my lens on on children’s documentaries’  process, places, programs, possibilities appear here.

Blog is a stream of thoughts about children’s television and media culture, project updates, and events.

Noodle SchoolGleaned research and insights on children’s and teens’ filmmaking pedagogy and practice. Models, applied film curriculum, projects, workshop descriptions – some I am inspired by, some my own. Film is a language, and  think that noodling around with it is both the best way to learn to be expressive with it and appreciate it; as well as to build defenses against propaganda and debased messaging. Extra sauce: Filmmaking is fun! 

KinoBambino means “Children’s Film” in Italian! The Italian neo-realists featured exceptionally real and expressive children in some of their wonderful films, before anyone else. This page is our mini theater, for children’s films that feature real children’s points of view, both documentary and fiction.